Restart ubusd leads to objects lost

1 Description

I came across an issue, when I invoke ubus command:

root@AP-D5:20:~# logread -f
Failed to connect to ubus

And any ubus related command will lead to the error output

Failed to connect to ubus

Then I killed the ubusd process, and the procd will reborn it with
another pid.

But after ubusd process reborned, many registered objects lost in the
new borned ubusd, check below info:

root@AP-22:39:~# ubus list | wc -l
root@AP-22:39:~# ps | grep ubusd
  432 root       936 S    /sbin/ubusd
 3978 root      1524 S    grep ubusd
root@AP-22:39:~# killall ubusd
root@AP-22:39:~# ps | grep ubusd
 4503 root       896 S    /sbin/ubusd
 5385 root      1524 S    grep ubusd
root@AP-22:39:~# ubus list | wc -l

As above, after ubusd restart, there are 21 objects lost.

2 Solution

So I have to monitor the ubus issue ‘Failed to connect to ubus’.
If it occures, I have to reboot the board for now.

current ubus version: f361bfa5fcb2daadf3b160583ce665024f8d108e