Recover USB lost space via DiskPart

Table of Contents

1 Description

Everytime I burn an OS image to the USB drive, I lost my USB drive
space. Take a note how to recover it via DiskPart in Windows.

Note: Be very careful while working over the disk management console
window. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may crash your

2 Reason

The freeware image burner completely changed the system partition on
the USB drive and after the image was burned, all the unused space
has been automatically unallocated.

Now all you have to do is delete the existing partitions on the USB
drive and recreate a new partition from Windows Disk management console.

3 Steps

  • Click Windows start menu, type “Diskpart” and click
  • input command as below
    list disk
    select disk NUM // the removable USB drive NUM should >= 1
    create partition primary
    list partition
  • unplug USB and plug it back again