how to install emacs25.2 in ubuntu16.04

1 changes in emacs25.2

This is mainly a bug-fix release, but there are some other changes.

  • 'find-library', 'help-function-def' and 'help-variable-def' now run 'find-function-after-hook'.
  • New basic face 'fixed-pitch-serif', for a fixed-width font with serifs. The 'Info-quoted' and 'tex-verbatim' faces inherit from it by default.
  • New variable 'use-default-font-for-symbols', for backward compatibility. This variable allows you to get back pre-Emacs 25 behavior where the font for displaying symbol and punctuation characters was always selected according to your fontset setup. By default, Emacs 25 tries to use the default face's font for such characters, if it supports them, disregarding the fontsets. Set this variable to nil to disable this and get back the old behavior.
  • 'electric-quote-mode' is no longer suppressed in a buffer whose coding system cannot represent curved quote characters. Instead, users can deal with the unrepresentable characters in the usual way when they save the buffer.
  • New variable 'inhibit-compacting-font-caches'. Set this variable to a non-nil value to speed up display of characters using large fonts, at the price of a larger memory footprint.
  • The version number of CC Mode has been changed from 5.33 to 5.32.99, although the software itself hasn't changed. This aims to reduce confusion with the standalone CC Mode 5.33 (available from http://cc-mode.sourceforge.net), which is a more mature version than the one included in Emacs 25.2.

2 get the source code

download the stable package emacs-25.2.tar.xz from https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/

3 remove old emacs

Remove previous Emacs if any before getting started, I used emacs-24.5 before, so it's needed to be removed:

$ cd software/emacs-24.5
$ sudo make uninstall

4 install dependencies

emacs24 and 25 use the same build dependencies:

$ sudo apt install build-essential checkinstall
$ sudo apt-get build-dep emacs24

5 install emacs-25.2

$ tar xf emacs-25.2.tar.xz
emacs-25.2$ ./configure
emacs-25.2$ make
emacs-25.2$ sudo make install

6 start

6.1 start with window

$ emacs

6.2 start without window

$ emacs -nw