upgrade buildbot from 0.8.12 to 0.9.7

1 reference

2 description

We can install buildbot from ubuntu package repository:

$ sudo apt install buildbot

but its version(0.8.12) is too low, we decided to upgrade to the latest 0.9.7 and taste the new flavor.

3 upgrade solution

  • stop current buildbot
$ cd buildbot/
$ buildbot stop master/
$ buildslave stop slave/
  • remove previous installed buildbot
$ sudo apt remove buildbot
$ sudo apt remove buildbot-slave
  • upgrade pip
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo pip install --upgrade pip
  • install buildbot 0.9.7

Buildbot is now composed of several Python packages and Javascript UI, and the easiest way to install it is to run the following command:

$ sudo pip install 'buildbot[bundle]==0.9.7'
$ sudo pip install buildbot-worker
$ sudo pip install setuptools-trial

If there is timeout issue, try again.

  • create the master and worker
$ mv master/ master-old
$ mv slave/ slave-old
$ buildbot create-master -r master
$ buildbot-worker create-worker worker localhost example-worker pass
  • upgrade master.cfg

to use our old master.cfg, we should do some modifications.

1. c['status'] should be replaced with c['www']
2. buildbot.status should be considered deprecated
3. the whole c['status'] configuration parameter is gone
4. all reporters should be included in c['services']
5. all identifiers, messages and documentation were updated to use "worker"
   instead of "slave".
  • start buildbot
$ buildbot start master
$ buildbot-worker start worker