Prepare Genuino101 Environment

2 Genuino101 key feature

The 101 adds Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities. and that's why I bought it.

3 install the Arduino Desktop IDE

Install arduino 1.8.5 is easy. download it from


4 use genuino 101 on the Arduino Desktop IDE

4.1 add the Intel Curie Core

Open the Boards Manager:
Tools -> Boards -> Boards Manager

search Intel Curie or 101, once found, install it.

4.2 install drivers for genuino 101

Now that the Curie Core is installed, you can connect the board to the computer
using a standard USB cable. The very first time your computer may go through
the new hardware installation process.

4.2.1 select your board type and port

From Tools select the Board Arduino/Genuino 101
and then the Port that is labeled with the same name.

4.3 open your first sketch

Everything is now ready to upload your first sketch.

File -> Examples -> 01.Basic -> Blink

This sketch just flashes the built in LED connected to Digital pin 13 at one
second pace for on and off.

4.4 upload the program


Sketch -> Upload

4.4.1 error fix

  1. openPort(); Exception type - Permission denied

    To fix this issue, change serial permission before run.

    sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0
  2. ERROR: Timed out waiting for Arduino 101 on /dev/ttyACM0

    the Intel Curie Boards version is 2.0.2.

    do the command below:

    chmod +x ~/.arduino15/packages/Intel/hardware/arc32/2.0.2/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule
    sudo ~/.arduino15/packages/Intel/hardware/arc32/2.0.2/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule